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“The name Seea comes from my love for the sea,” explains Amanda. “As an Italian, I pronounce the name ‘see-ah’. It’s a feminine word, with a musicality and beauty to it. We are women… We are the graceful sliders of the Seea.”

The designer and founder of Seea is Amanda Chinchelli born and raised with the sea around her. She combined her passion for fashion with her passion for surf and created Seea, a collection with suits that all reflects a female surfers need. Can you imagine to surf the warm waves without being worried about drop your bikini pants in the next wipeout? I am looking forward to try the Malibu suit, I think it looks so cool. Seea also has a collaboration with Mollusk surf shop and here you can find the rashguard with polka dots.  All Seea suits are made in sunny California!

photo credit to Aaron Checkwood & the one up in left corner is from Foam Magazine

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