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Family Series: Anne Justine Houser

Name: Anne Justine DSC_2769-2
Age: 23
From: Norway & USA
Job at Sunshinestories: I do a little of everything. I’m the front desk person, receptionist, social host, social media manager. 🙂
Words to live by: Your attitude belongs to you, its your choice to have a good one.
Travel often, take risks, smile often and be kind to others. 

Favorite things about Sri Lanka: Sometimes living here feels like going back in time with trains that look antique and old villas tucked away in the jungle. There are so many little things I love about Sri Lanka —  drinking coconuts, buying a 50 rupee roti from a street cart, swinging from palm tree swings, spending time in the ocean, taking train trips to Galle, driving along the coast in a tuk tuk. 

What are your favorite parts of working at Sunshinestories?

Before coming to Sunshinestories I was blogging ( and traveling. When I saw that Sunshinestories was hiring, I knew Sri Lanka is where wanted to be next! Living in Sri Lanka and working at Sunshinestories here has been an amazing experience! Among countless other things, I’ve enjoyed working with amazing friends and guests, getting to know our local staff, eating delicious Sri Lankan curries for lunch, learning to surf, and waking up for sunrise yoga.  

Thanks Tosca & Hannah for taking photos!

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