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Guest Series: Emma & Klas

Emma and Klas are the first couple to return to our retreat for another holiday. We were stoked to have them here, so we did a little interview with them. Here is what they have to say about Sunshinestories:

How did you find out about Sunshinestories?

Our friend Maria found Sunshinestories on Instagram and clicked on the blog and she said this is something for you two. We looked at it and said “yes absolutely it is.” The house looked very pleasant and it sounded exciting to travel to Sri Lanka.

What made you come back?

Linn, Petter and Nick are such warm people and very likable. They are also very capable and skilled. Last time we were here, the service was good, the food was great, the guests were really pleasant and focused on surfing which made for a great atmosphere. It was super fun and we wanted to come back! 

Klas: I wish we had met Nick and Petter 10 years ago when we started surfing. The Sunshinestories method is very pedagogical and they give very good feedback.

How is Sunshinestories compared to other surf retreats?

Here at Sunshinestories the focus is on having fun as you learn, it’s not just about maximizing your development and growth. Last time we were here the house was full, but we still felt that the staff focused on quality teaching. Here the surf lessons are more personal and the individual person is in focus. Sunshinestories splits the surf levels during lessons and they always go out to check out the surf conditions and find good waves for your level before you head out for your morning surf. Oh, and at other surf camps we’ve visited there hasn’t been yoga.

Have you seen a change in your surf skills after your stay here?

Oh my gosh yes, we’ve improved a ton. That’s what I mean by I wish we had met the Sunshinestories instructors years ago. Nick teaches in a way that is very clear and doesn’t stress you. And, watching the video analysis helps a lot.

What is your favorite part of the Sunshinestories retreat?

We really like the surf lesson video analysis. The yoga is very good as well. Oh, and drinking a coconut after surfing — they’re so sweet here!

Klas: I like standing on the beach before we surf in the morning and feel that excitement and anticipation before we surf.

What’s your favorite place in or near Ahangama?

We really like Talpe Beach, but last time we tried to go there it was closed due to a wedding. So we decided to go to Era Beach. On our way over we had somewhat low expectations. But, Era Beach was fantastic! It’s nice and cool there and the pool is great!

Do you have any tips for guests, i.e. something they should make sure to pack?

Ummm… Yeah:
– Waterproof sunscreen and zinc paste (you can get zinc here though)
– A rashguard with long sleeves
– Ladies: make sure you bring a bikini that sits well/is secure
– You don’t really need to bring a lot of stuff, just a positive attitude

photos by: anne justine houser

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