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Family Series: Kelly Michalak

Sunshinestories-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-lazy-left-2-2Name: Kelly Michalak
Age: 34 years young
From: Australia
Job: Surf coach
Words to live by: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever” -Jacques Yves Cousteau
We are all connected… Be kind to our Mother Earth… Oceans & animals 🙂
Favorite thing about Sri Lanka: Fun, uncrowded waves, sunny days & chocolate-banana rotis 🙂 yum!!
Favorite surfboard: 5’8″ ASI high performance shortboard

When did you start surfing?
I grew up surfing local breaks with my best mates and brothers Luke & Chris in a little beachside town called Fingal Bay in Port Stephens on Australia’s East coast. Eighteen years ago they threw me an old board and said “you surf in here sis, we’re going out the back!”Sunshinestories-surf-sri-lanka-midigama-lazy-left-

What are your favorite parts of working at Sunshinestories?
Working for Sunshinestories is like living in a dream. I love that I get to share positive ocean vibes & my passion for surfing with guests. I also enjoy practicing yoga & meditation, eating healthy, delicious, local Sri Lankan food and drinking coconuts galore! Living and working with down to earth, inspiring & like minded souls is the best!

There are so many special moments that money could never buy. I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity & all the beautiful people I have crossed paths with:)


photos (except Kelly surfing) by: anne justine houser

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