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Sunshinestory; Israel Preciado (Surfer, Property Manager, Model) in Mexico

We met up with one of the best longboarders in Mexico.

Israel Preciado is a Mexican surfer born and raised in Sayulita, a get away surf paradise in the northern Pacific Coast of Mexico. He started surfing as a little kid and has always had a thing for bigger longer boards, back in the days when Israel started surfing the average opinion was that if you came with a big longboard, you couldn’t surf. But as soon as Israel got in the water everybody could se he was ripping on that big log.

He’s one of the nicest guys we have met during our travels, he took us into his Mexican life and let us stay in one of his houses, showed us the secret spots around Sayulita, took us on a crazy road trip down south along the Pacific Coast and learned us some very useful Mexican street language.

Today he works with property managing as well as doing private surf lessons. Check out his website, he is one of the most professional instructors we have met. Both me and Linn grew so much surfing with him, “put a little bit of more weight on your frontfoot”, “turn that board a more with your rail”, “paddle over here” etc. etc. It’s stuff you have heard before but Israel just nailed it and took our surfing so far. If you want to start surfing our improve it even if you are good send him an email and uncrowded waves around Sayulita is included.. He will hook you up with a house too for pretty much the same price as a room in a cheap hostel, just that it sleep tons of people and are very luxury with AC, balcony, kitchen, etc. Not to mention pointing out the best local taco stands in town.. Woow those fish tacos were so yummie!

And yeah, don’t forget to check out his modeling at Quality Peoples.


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