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a life in Costa Rica

Once upon a time in Costa Rica life was all about waves, food, relaxing, food and waves. At first we didn’t plan to go to Costa Rica at all, we heard it was expensive, crowded, Americanized and so on.. And yes it was. But you can always make it to whatever you want! Even in Thailand you can find villages where they haven’t seen a “falang”. We got a ride with the land lord to the store where the Costa Rican locals bought their food and we bought what was cheap: fruits. We managed to rent a beautiful house that we got a really good deal on and when our hair began to look like hobo’s and we had no hairdresser in sight we cut each others hair. Simple as that! And then add some marshmallows..


  • Costa Rica looks incredible, and the visual story you put together is awesome! I especially like how all your photos have a similar natural neutral tones. If i saw your photos anywhere else, i’d immediately know it was from this blog!

  • Where can I find this house? Looks amazing!
    Me and two of my friends are going backpacking, and in January we’ll be in Costa Rica. Do you have any reccomendations for places to go, see, where to stay etc? 🙂

  • Hey! That’s awesome. We didn’t travel around so much in CR, but we stayed in Playa Avallenas where this house is situated. It’s a nice quiet beach with a beach break and two reefbreaks. Unfortnulatley we don’t have any contacts to this specific house and I’m not sure if you can rent it anymore, but we do recommend Las Olas which is on the beach side in the mangroves. Good luck and all the best!

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