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Ericeira town. Small and super picturescue full of cafés, restaurants, little shops and people. People everywhere. Ericeira had just the southern european vibe I miss in Sweden, were people go out and enjoy, meet and socialize in town every day. For example, 9/10 locals eat their breakfast out, every day. Really like it.





Loving the coastline in northeast portugal. Escpecially around Ericeira. It’s so awesome to surf in front of this scenery.







Awesome brick walls.





There’s a beach right in town with perfect crystal clear water secluded from the waves.



There’s also Magic Cuiver Surf shop. A must visit for a surfer or non surfer. A really small space filled with an unique joy and surf vibe, from the interior to the quiver to the arts and crafts to the clothes. If there’s something you want to know about Ericera ask Rui, the owner, he knows were all the good stuff is. This is def. one of the nicest surf shops we’ve been to, around the world.



Rui always has a nice story to tell about some new interesting shapes from Wavegliders which is the local board factory run by Nico.



Magari Blu is another awesome shop you should check out, if you’re a girl. Or a boy looking for something to a girl.


For eating you just have to visit Tasca Da Boa Viagem (“The best food is served here”, in english) were they serve freshly caught fish or locally produced meat accompanied with great Portuguese wines. Our favorite. Louis the owner is a great local surfer with lots of stories to share.




More photos from our last visit at the restaurant over here.


More photos from Portugal over here.

4 responses to “Ericeira”

  1. It´s impossible not say THANK YOU… as a “Jagoza” (person from Ericeira). Portugal is so much more….as you have seen!

  2. Who told you “Tasca Da Boa Viagem” means “The best food is served here”? Totally untrue. It’s a hard name do translate, but it’s something like “Have a nice trip Pub” or “Bon voyage pub”. Which sets a completely different tone, don´t you think? 😉

    Come to Portugal again! If you need any tips on good surf breaks, let me know. The coast is big, there are more great spots than you can count, and picturesque towns like Ericeira are plentyful.

  3. Hi Joana! Ahh I don’t remember acutally.. I think the chef told us.. Haha! And when i google translated it it didn’t work at all. I bet! And I know! We went around quite some but always came back to Ericeira some way. Will def. let you know. All the best 🙂

  4. Portugal! 😀 Ericeira was were i started to surf, i love to go there!

    If you come to Portugal again try to visit other surf places like Peniche, Arrifana, Sagres, maybe Costa da Caparica (a little bit of crowd but is were i surf)

    By the way, your blog is amazing 😉 !

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