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travel inspiration: say hello to sri lanka

Sri Lanka is India’s little sister, or maybe you could call her older.. yes, older but smaller in the way that she is less chaotic, easier to get a grip around. A flight ticket was only about 30 US dollars, 200 kronor, when we flew from Chennai, India to Colombo, Sri Lanka last year. If your Scandinavian they got really good deals on last minutes flights to the small island. I love islands by the way, it’s something special with the island cultures. Sri Lanka got heaps of friendly people, good cheap food, interesting history, elephants, trains, tea and suuurf. The civil war, the tsunami 2004 and last years flooding have been hard on the country. They want and need you to come. Here’s some pictures from Hikkaduwa and Polhena.
Press here for more pics.

Tomorrow it’s my twenty second birthday, feels good!

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