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sunshine, palmtrees and close outs.

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My mum was going to take me and my sister to Croatia. The trip was planned since long ago and we where all looking forward to it. When my mum got sick and we couldn’t go I of course felt bad for my mum but also freaked out for not getting a vacation. Since our mum is

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Interior, Malmö

when the dharma is gone


Woke up the other morning and noticed something was missing.. Petter wasn’t around and neither was the dharma. The Dharma is Petter’s orange/blue surfboard. It felt so empty! Not so much because Petter was gone but more the colorful board that I think really makes this room. Sun’s shining = cleaning mode on! Petter gone

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Malmö, Sweden

home, sweet home?

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Home, cold home. It’s sure a big contrast to the island life on Sri Lanka. But sweet too and in our apartment it’s warm and quite cosy. Nothing is as sweet as the first breakfast after some time away frome home. It’s also funny what some distance can do to your home.. We been living

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Moving moving moving


Yesterday we moved into our new aparment in Malmoe. Our first apartment, our first entirely own space. We have been living and jumping around in hundreds of different places the past few years, you can’t imagine how good it feels to finally get a place where we can just be. Ib, Joel, Sammy & Sunny

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18 August

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I’m like a child when it comes to birthdays.. I love it! I almost get to over excited.. Petter thinks I’m crazy. This year I could behave from not sneak peek and go hunting for presents, maybe it comes with the age, turning 22 feels mature. Or maybe it was because I got so celebrated

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