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can add that its the same spot, and the same wave on both of the photos. and that it started to break far out behind the cliff before i managed to get my camera out of my backpack.

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Incredible !ndia


a little movie about our short visit in india. found alot of nice breaks, even a place to rent a surfboard and a few other guys that wanted to do some surfing. 4 people in the water in this is like one of the two known breaks… but most impressive was ofcourse the food, the

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I miss bali

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Vaknade precis upp i mini-storstaden Kuching, i ett skönt AC-rum med wifi. Bekvämligheter som jag faktiskt kunnat tänka mig att enkelt byta bort mot att få vara tillbaka på Balis stränder. I fredes lämnade vi våra älskade surfbrädor och en halv hinduistisk böneaffär på ett shipping-företag som skickar hem våra 1,3 kvadratmeter med kärlek till

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Bali, Lombok

life is a beach


life is a beach is the title of idus & robins blog . and thats pretty much what our life is at the moment, one of many huge and totally empty paradise beaches we drove past on our first day on lombok. some of the photos below are idus & robins.

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