Malmö, Restaurants, Sweden

3 o´clock at the central station


Started off the week by a few lectures at the uni before walking in the worst snow/rain/wind mix there can possible be to the central station. Took a giant cafe latte with Isabel & Matte and had some fun laughs. The railway is like Isabels third home now, when she’s not at her apartment in Stockholm or

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the coffee plantation


We went to a coffee plantation up in the hills overlooking the whole lake. It was pretty cool walking around there getting a feel for how hard they work in these countries to provide us with the black gold we every day drink liters of back home. I had an espresso, with beans roasted the

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a stroll in San Cristobal de la Casas


We acclimatized quick to the cold weather and it was kind of nice to be freezing again. We slept with two blankets each, but daytime when the sun came out it felt like Swedish spring! San Cristobal de la Casas is a beautiful town where you can walk around enjoying life and the nice surroundings

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New York

Brooklyn bridge

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We left our apartment at wall street, grabbed a cup of starbucks and walked the Brooklyn Bridge. It didn’t end there, I think we have walked about 30-40 kilometers today, at least. The bridge was definitely the better part of it.

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