the coffee plantation

We went to a coffee plantation up in the hills overlooking the whole lake. It was pretty cool walking around there getting a feel for how hard they work in these countries to provide us with the black gold we every day drink liters of back home. I had an espresso, with beans roasted the same day and probably picked the same week, mmh that was yummiee!


  • the best. i was wondering – what kinds of lenses do you guys shoot on? i see you have several and i am in the market for a new mid-range lens right now and thought i’d ask what your “go to” lenses are… your faves, etc. thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hi Kylie! Sorry, we haven’t got time to publish that post about our gear. We use one Canon 5dmk2 and one 7d. As for lenses we mainly use our 24-70/2,8, which we can strongly recommend. This lens is insane! Especially with the full frame combo of the 5d. We use a 70-200/4 on the 7d, and like this the cameras are mounted 99% of the time. So the 7d would be our action sports cam, and with the 1,6 crop factor it makes the lens last longer than it would on the 5d. The 70-200/4 is not ideal for surfing, but it’s very light which is a big bonus for us. We use a tripod from a canadian company which is called SIRUI and the model is T-025. This folds as big as the 70-200 lens, so it’s ideal for traveling, definitive the smallest tripod iv’e ever seen, and still remarkably strong. We have a 50/1,8 which is a small cheap lens with super nice depth of field and crisp sharp, this one we would use on the 7d if both of us would want to shoot at the same time. But I still enjoy the 5d 24-70 combo more, I´d say we take 90% of our images with this camera. We also use a GoPro each when we are in the surf or go diving. Lastly i’d say that it’s pretty much all about skill/talent and the work in photoshop that makes the photos give the feeling of beeing ours, or someone elses. Good luck with finding a new lens! The 24-70 is ideal for traveling since it’s a normal zoom, and they just released a new model which is lighter than the one we have, ours is quite heavy, but soo worth every gram. Cheeeers /Petter

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