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Costa Rica, Surf

a life in Costa Rica


Once upon a time in Costa Rica life was all about waves, food, relaxing, food and waves. At first we didn’t plan to go to Costa Rica at all, we heard it was expensive, crowded, Americanized and so on.. And yes it was. But you can always make it to whatever you want! Even in

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Costa Rica, Friends

looking back: neighbors

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After just a couple of days on this beach we started to recognize some people who also came everyday, we said Hi and Hola and after a while we started to talk. It was the girl with the hula hoop, the family with the cute blonde kids, the beautiful mum and the baby, the fishermens,

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New York

looking back: cupcakes in New York


After watching NYC from the top of Rockafeller Center we accidentally ran into Magnolia Bakery. The bakery is know from Sex and the City and I first didn’t recognize it cause it didn’t have a line outside. We went in and I grabbed a sweet cupcake and Petter tried a lemon curd cake. We did

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California, Travel Advice

road trip in the u,s & a


My bestfriend Isabel is right now roadtripping from Iowa to California and back to Chicago, today I think they are arriving in Las Vegas. She asked us for California tips from the short road trip we did and all I have to say is; Sonoma and Napa Valley, Oyster Bay and grilled oysters, Reedwod trees,

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Costa Rica, Surf

looking back: a costa rican friday


This is how a Friday could look in Costa Rica, if I was lucky and Petter unlucky.. We found a beach with waves for us both and since we spend two weeks there we got to see how it looked like with both big and small swell. I preferred the small..  

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