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Christmas Eve


This is our chrismas eve. We woke up early by some beautiful morning light. Met Santa on our way to the beach. Had a full english breakfast for a looong time. With our feets in the sand.. Watching the surf. Petter went out for a session, waves had gotten bigger. We occupied a beach hut

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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all of you that follow us around on this site. Hope you are having a great time. We have just had another great beach day on Sri lanka, not much different from the other days, great waves, lots of eating good food, lots of sun and some hang out with our friends

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New York

Christmas coffe at Andersons

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Some Torekov-people living in New York most of the time invited us for christmas coffe at their place. Julia, another friend from Torekov was also there. We baked Swedish pepparkakor, drank Swedish glögg, black coffe, ate American delivery pizza twice, overlooked central park and discussed photography. Some traditional but still americanised christmas disorder turned out

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Go Jul

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Julafton, shit va mysigt de ska bli. Som linn skrev häromdan så har vi inte firat hemma på två år, utan tillsammans på varma stränder, vilket har varit helt otroligt. Men man saknar släkt och familj, så är de. I år är halva min släkt på irland och linn i dalarna, men ändå är den

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