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avocado hamburger

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We had cravings for tex mex style burgers, like we had them in california! So picked up a bunch of avocados on the market, made our own hamburger chili dressing and topped it with some salsa. So good.

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a sami in a mayan dress


San Cristobal de la Casas in Chiapas, Mexico offers some amazing shopping! A dress similar to this was 700 pesos in Puerto Escondido and here it’s 250 pesos. So hold your horses and monies until you get to the mountains where they’re made. I have never felt so blonde and nordic before as I have

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Mexico, Surf

The mexican wave machine


This is Puerto Escondido, the mexican wave machine aka the “mexican pipeline” . It´s a beach brake that gets overhead and tubing with NO swell.. The swell was about 2ft when these images where shot. If you wanna have a look at hard core surf you should definitely go here cuz i haven’t seen a

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