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Sunshinestory; Andrew Field (Restaurateur in NYC @ Rockaway Taco, Surfer) in Mexico

It all started with this movie made by the Selby. It’s a about a guy called Andrew that runs a resturant/schack called Rockaway Taco in Rockaway N.Y. We watched it like ten times and in the end it was probably the scene’s of his life as a surfer in that huge metropolitan city that made us want to go to New York in the first place. We wanted to eat the food, ride the waves and most of all; meet this Andrew that seemed to be such a nice guy. Our eight days in New York this December didn’t take us that far. We were so bummed we didn’t make it out to Rockaway.. It was the only thing we really regret not doing..

But destiny had a back up plan for us.

In California we met Margaret Yao Calvani who hooked us up with Isreal Precadio in Mexico who hooked us up with Ed Fladung that said: “If you’re going south you HAVE to meet my buddy Andrew”. Since south has been the only really sure direction of this trip we said yes!

Took some time before we realized that Ed’s buddy Andrew was the Rockaway Taco Andrew! We met him totally random on a gravel road at a distant surf break in south Mexico. No one where around but we saw some locals chatting.”We’re looking for Andrew” One guy turnes around: “I’m Andrew”. Ha!

Then he brought us to eat dinner at “his dona”, a lady who opened up her home for us and cooked us incredible mexican food. We had some nice beach and surf days and when the evening came good food always followed. Andrew is an amazingly inspiring guy who was so nice to hang around with. We got to know a lot about his life as a restaurateur in New York as well as his getaway surf and food paradise Mexico. Since Andrew was a kid he’s been coming here, he know his way around both in the waves as well as among the street food stalls. It was rad to hear about his hectic life in NYC in this slow pace manana manana country. We shared a lot of night mare restaurant stories and had lots of laughs.. The fast and the slow.. Andrew is one of the guys that really could find the joy in that fast environment, and in this slow environment. A life in the moment. Or like he said, “the love and the hate” I guess that’s exactly what the restaurant business is about. And in the end of the day love is heavier.


  • Aaaaah grekland!! Big cravings på att åka dit, nästa gång kankse! Var ligger det?

  • Vad kul att du gillar det Ingrid! Det är exakt därför vi gör detta, för att inspirera andra! 🙂

  • Where in Mexico is this? and are you from Sweden? I’m from the states and I’m going to Copenhagen all next fall.. looking for spots nearby to surf. Sweden’s close!

  • Hi there! Yes we are from south Sweden, about 2hrs from Copenhagen by train. Where we live is actually the best place to surf in Sweden. The east coast of denmark berely have any surf so the Copenhagen guys come over to us. The west coast of denmark almost always have great surf. Pretty far drive though. If there is 20-30knots or more of southwestly to northerly wind you should definitely make a visit where we live in Torekov!

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