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rocket burgers – galle fort


Rocket Burgers in Galle Fort got the best burgers on the island. It’s a small shack and not really a cosy environment, the best table is on the balcony but it’s too hot to eat there during the day. BUT their burgers make up for it. Petter goes for the Gringo or the Lighthouse if he’s

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Malmö, Restaurants, Sweden

mrs brown

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Stack ner o öla lite med Hugo på Mrs Brown i Malmö häromdagen, en sjysst restaurang & bar på davidshall. Trevlig drinklista, härlig stämning och best av allt, massa Leffe på fatet. Belgiskt guld, mums. – – Went to a restaruant / bar at Davidshall called Mrs Brown, a really cool place with a nice list

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