• Hi,

    Love your blog!
    Just curious as im quite new to this website.
    But all this travelling have you done it in one go, or have you been in Sweden inbetween, working, saving up money and then continuing travelling?

    How long do you think you will be on current trip?


  • Hi Anna! We have been home in Sweden on the summers working to get money and then left again when it has become too cold.. We live in a seasonal old fishing village so we’re lucky to have jobs to come back to in the summers. We’re coming home to Sweden 1 May this year, looking forward to come home a lot! Even tough this trip is amazing! Thank you so much for reading our blog!

  • Hej! Ni ser ut att ha varit runt lite överallt. Jag själv ska åka på långresa i sydostasien och undrar om ni har några guldklimpar ni kan rekomendera? Något ställe man inte får missa att se, något man inte får missa att göra?

  • Hej! Ja några gånger, där finns massor att göra!! Svår att ge direkt tips beros på vad du vill göra o vart du ska! Kolla igenom våra bilder på bloggen före lite inspiration och sen var open minded bara, träffa människor, umgås med locals så mycket som möjligt, lär dig språket o ta seden dit du kommer så kommer du ha det gött. Ha en bra resa! /Petter

  • Hello from Bulgaria 🙂

    I am amazed of your blog. Really love it. Traveling is my dream and I enjoy ! Your photos are amazing. Whole design is astonishing and your experience and photos are leaving me without words.
    I would invite you to come and visit one of the most beautiful places Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Albania !
    Don’t miss Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia. Meet our people, culture, try our meals.
    Come and lets enjoy !

  • Hey Hirsto. Thank you so much for the kind words! And big up for the invitation, that would be really fun. We haven’t been around that much in Europe lately but we def. are going some day. We’ll be in touch! /Petter

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