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indo fins

Some dear friends of us makes fins on Bali. Handmade fins with karma in every layer! Dylan costume ordered a pink single fin to my colorful longboard and delivered it the morning after (2 hours before our flight to Singapore). And I love it, thank you so much. Terima kasih!

Check out their web page or visit them in real life at Nirmala Supermarket close to Balangan, Bali.

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  • Hi Petter
    I’m really desperate as I’ve lost a very treasured fin on my twin fin setup which is made in bali by your friends at Indo fins but they don’t seem to respond to my emails and wanted to know if they still exist? What there contact details are.? Their phone no in bali? Email address? Or their shop front address or a shop in bali that distributes for them or any other info would be great

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