nyepi 2011

When we got the Bali our plan was to meet Nick somewhere in the awful mud-hole called Kuta, for you who have been there youy know that the chance for that to happen, without even deciding a date or place to meet is pretty much zero. Believe it or not but within thirty minutes Nick ran up behind us, grabbed Linn around the shoulders and screamed “massage”. HAHAHA..

The day after was Niepi, which is the balinese new year, wrote some about it last year, look here . It´s an incredible day, a crazy celebration which engages the whole island and build on old beliefs, stories and traditions.. Our plan was to go totally nuts manand party the whole island apart..

The traffic was crazy but when we finally made it to our friends Astrid & Dylan’s house they were waiting with cold beer and mexican food. After a shower we got up on our motorbikes and drow to the local temple village Pecatu. This year we were a bit more preperd to the giant monsters and knew were to get the coldest bintang and the best food.. We had a great time! Dylan intruduced us to Yoga and Mega, two brothers who surf. We got invited to their home to wait for the winning results.

And guess what? Their three headed ago ago won! The Bintang were pounding all over YIHA jippykajaj nu ska jag bada


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