California, New York

Bye bye New York & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We have had an awesome time in this city. It’s the first time we visit the states and we have constantly been in chock of how real everything is. The skysrapers, the statue of libety, brooklyn, the brewery, the sreets and avanues, central park, the christmas feeling, the crazy people in the subway, the smoke coming out of the street and the new yorkers accent. Everything which we have been fed with from all the american movies are for real and ten times more than that. It’s greater than any other city we have been and we´ve been to a lot of them. If you hav’nt been you just gotta go! Please ask us if there is anything specific you want to know about our visit here.

Until further stuff is coming up here we would like to whish all of you a happy new year! We are currently at our boardsponsor Bing in Encinitas, California. We have been surfing all days long and hanging out at the factory. We are going to celebrate tonight at John Wegners house and the last few days has been all about the guys at Bing discussing which beer to get. But it’s understandable cuz they just don’t buy a case or two but a whole cag (fat) of beer!! + red party cups. Did you read it, RED PARTY CUPS.

We are excited.

Cheers everyone and a Happy New Year!


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