El Salvador

On our way to the wild east

When we got back to El Tunco, after a very expensive taxi trip since no chicken bus was running, we met up with Nick and had some fish tacos/burritos at our favorite place and then the transport Nick had booked arrived; a mini bus with a very sleepy driver.. I was afraid he was gonna fall a sleep and didn’t stop look at him, Petter on the other hand folded back his chair and fell a sleep. Drove though half of El Salvador to the little place El Cuco outside of San Miguel, the place did not disappoint us.


  • Dear You Two Rascal’s !!!!!

    You so inspire ! Having read your delicious stories… I’ve somehow managed to internalized your energy, your patience,your thirst for the unknown– more into my own essence… leaving me bigger & having more fun !

    So now the baggage of all that is that I’ve developed a deep sense of caring about you, your welfare as well as just simply being stoked for you n every sense ! That being said, thank you for being very causcious as you demonstrated by keeping a weary eye on the ‘sleepy transit driver’ . I like the picture you got showing your head and camera as well as the kinda dumbfounded look in the eyes of your driver— all got in the bus’s review mirror ! Good job ! Little did he understand he was being watched by a big chunk of the ‘community’ of Sunshine readers !! I send my love to you both ! sincerely, Canyon

  • Dear Canyon! Thank you so much for your kind words! Your comment made us smile the whole day! We’re stoked to have you “with” us on this trip”! Lots of love from Petter & Linn

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