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Fjällräven Kajka

I never thought it would be possible for me to backpack like a traditional backpacker.. I have rheumatism that goes up and down, when I was a kid I sat in a wheel chair for periods but now I can go weeks without any pain.. Anyway, on our first trip I bought a back pack with wheels. A heavy piece that was totally worthless, to heavy to have on my back when island jumping in Thailand or trying to walk fast through Cape Town.

But then Fjällräven Kajka came in to my life.. I’ve got the female model which is designed for a woman’s body, you can adjust both the height and the length. That I can adjust it so it fits my hips perfects makes the pressure on my shoulders even comfortable, the weight is on my hips. An other genius thing that I think all back packs should have, is the possibility to be open both from the top and from the front, like a traditional suitcase. It makes it so much easier to find every thing and to pack smart. Here’s Petter and I and our best travel companions.


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