autobus de noche

We bought the trip Flores to Antigua from the same travel agency that had been promising stuff they couldn’t hold, like promising a tour group with max 12 people in it and then it suddenly turned out we were 45 in one gruop with one guide.. SAN JUAN TRAVEL in FLores, apparently they got like monopoly on everything and do sort of whatever they like, just be aware when making plans with them. We didn’t trust them and were SO happy when they showed up with our ride to the bus terminal. Got company by a really nice couple from London all the way to Antigua/Lake Atitlán. Here’s some shots Petter snapped in the bus terminal of Santa Helena, Guatemala.


  • det gör bilderna så mycket mer rättvisa om ni har lite vitt mellanrum mellan bilderna.. som ni alltid hade förut!

  • Tack Linnea, vi har vitt mellanrum på en del fortfarande, men på just dem här tyckte vi det var snyggare när dem satt ihop 🙂

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