Kerala State Road Transport Corporation

India has great public transport and in Kerala it is top notch. Maybe because it is an communist state, probably the only one in the world that goes around, or beacause of all the people. Anyway, buses goes all the time, many of them as modern as in Sweden with AC, seatbelts and buttons to press when you wanna get off. Not the ones on the photos tough, these are old ones, looks like prison buses don´t you think. And the trains, waah the trains are halelulia, departureing all the time to all directions, with all kind of seats, you get what you pay for. We tried the cheapest one the last time, totally okey, some really strange people and alot of them but the vibe was soo cool. And the tickets where 40 rupies for an 40 minute ride, thats 6 swedish krones.

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  • What kind of affect is it you have on your camera for these ones? I love it and it intrigues me.
    Love the posts!

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