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okey laos really chocked us. such a cool place! and everything is green. totally green. the busride was horrible tough. tonight we crossed the border at the mekong river and after that we changed buss. and what a bus.. me and linn had to take turns to sit on a blue plastic chair in the middle of the bus. the baggage hatch under the bus opened itself all the time so they had to stop every 10 kilometers to tighten the screws. and on top of that the aircon broke down so that they had to open the door just next to us. and after riding for abouth 20hrs sitting on a plastic chair we where pretty tired. staying awake was almost impossible. everytime we fell alseep on the and started to lean at one direction or the other a leg on the chair got bent. resulting in one of us and the chair falling together in one big mess. and wakening up falling on a plastichair, in a bus, with and open door, on creepy roads and in high speed wasnt comfortable at all.. but hey here we are and damn its beautiful!












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  1. Hannes!! Jag saknar diig!! OCH PETTER SAKNAR DIG! Han har borjat dra massa petter&hannes-skamt med mig och jag star nastan inte uut langre haha 😉 fet reunion vi ska ha nar vi kommer hem allihop!

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