barra de nexpa

The bus driver didn’t know where Barra de Nexpa was.. So we ended up walking along the highway.. (Never thought I’d be walking along a Mexican highway..) Then we ended up getting a ride from a Mexican family.. (Never thought I hitchhike in Mexico..) But life keeps on surprising you and before we knew it we were in Barra de Nexpa. Found the funniest bathroom ever and a fun but small wave. Petter and I had some fun out there before we kept on going south. Would have love to surf this wave when it’s really working!


  • Welcome to Latin America! As you continue your travels you’ll lots of funny bathrooms like that one! Hope your parents did not have a heart attack reading that you hitchhiked in Mexico. Remember to be a little bit careful, this advice comes from a Latin American who loves her part of the world.

  • like the pics on the bathroom 😀 When I stumble on one of those “stylish” ones I am always to lazy to get the camera and shoot…. great work!

  • Cayetana, looking forward to more funny bathrooms! Haha, my mum is gonna be crazy when she reads it. But it wasn’t so serious. Got a lift with a surfing family with kids and everything so it felt kind of ok. Will be careful, promise xo

  • Tassio! So glad to hear that the bathroom seems to continue to be this stylish along whole central america!

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