travel inspiration: hi mex, i miss you!

When I miss Mexico I listen to this song and suddenly the colors, food and amazing people comes back to me! It’s crazy how afraid I was when we got off the plane.. All the media in Europe had given me the picture of a country of lawless people and just by going there you would end up in the middle of a drug war. Of course bad shit happens, like everywhere! Mexico is probably my favorite country from last trip and together with Costa Rica the country where I felt most safe. My grandfather who has traveled the world and been to all of the continents and various countries, but never Mexico cause he was afraid, just booked a trip there! I promise you’re gonna enjoy it grandpa!


  • hey guys,
    really enjoy reading your blog and travels and trying to launch our own site. if you dont mind me asking, are you guys using a site like or where did you get the theme for your site?


  • Hi Richard! Thanks! We made it ourselves! Petter did the coding and I painted the logo and wrote the categories and ect! Good luck with yur site, hope you find a good theme! Linn

  • Riktigt jädra snyggt! Det börjar rycka rejält i resefoten 😉
    Vad har ni använt för kamera och objektiv?

    love // A

  • hej! TAck! Vi har en canon 5 d och en 7 d! + lite olika objektiv! Bland annat 24-70, 70-200, fast 50

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