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Paris baby

This seems almost to unreal when I’m writing it.. But it’s true. Even though I had to pinch my arm. Woke up on my birthday, like it was any other birthday. My dad, Petters mum & dad and sister woke me up with breakfast and cake. My family had celebrated me the friday before, with my mum flying in from Norway. Felt so lucky. Then I opened up Petters present for me. An envelope. With two boarding passes to Paris… WHAT. You have two hours to pack he told me. So unreal. So we flew to Paris. Celebrated my 25th birthday on a classic french restaurant with escargots and creme brulé. Not combined, haha. Then the day after we woke up early and Petter told me had the whole day planned and that I should just tag a long. We biked through Paris, to the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Tour Eiffel. Just as we came outside from Sainte Chapelle a Citröen C2 stops and a guy jumps out presenting himself as Marc. He told us to jump in and then he showed us Paris. Telling small bits and pieces about everything. He drives us to a park, Place des Vosges, in Marais. Petter takes me for a walk. Then he suddenly goes down on one knee and ask if i would like to marry him. I said yes.


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