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Singapore Sling at Raffles

From one cocktail bar to the next. Singapore has all been about cocktails this trip. We already had Singapore Slings at the rooftop of our hotel in a garden, and delicious master crafts at Bitters & Love, so we thought we might as well round it all up with the classics at Raffles Hotel


Raffles is one of the most classic colonial hotels in the world and is really stunning, although we are spoilt with some really fantastic colonial hotels maybe even more beautiful on Sri Lanka, it was a nice visit

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_1951

Singapore slings in the making at the most visited bar in this city, the long bar

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_2014
Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_1950

Lounging like in the old days

Singapore Sling Raffles Hotel

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_1961

First things first, the peanuts

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_1984

Mandatory toruist attraction when at this place, eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_1977

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_1981

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_1990

The classic

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_1994

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_1997

The cocktail was good but nothing epic like the ones we had the day before at Bitters & Love and even tough it was really pricey, 56SGD for two cocktails = about 16-17 euro each, and the place felt more like a big tourist attraction and not a classic bar, now at least we can say we have been to Singapore, and had the Slings, at Raffles!

Singapore-raffles-singapore sling-bar-longbar-hotel-travel-blog-IMG_2003

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