the hair

Sea, salt and sun makes the perfect surf hair. It also makes it so damaged that you can break it in two.. For this trip I teamed up with Sachajuan, a hair care brand with it’s roots in Stockholm. I used to think that the more I misshandle my hair the better it would look. But three years on the road with whipeouts, hot sun and salt is staring to show off.  Sachajuan sent me some of their  intensive repair products with Ocean Silk Technology, the technology where they have extract valuable proteins and minerals from sea algae’s. The schampo and conditioner also got UV protectants, I noticed that after seeing my hair got less blonde than usual.




Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-Photo 2013-05-31 13 45 18-RedigeraSunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-Photo 2013-05-31 13 45 25-2-2

After all my hair looks better now than it did before I left Sweden.Still need to cut it though.. Any one know a good hairdresser in Malmö?


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