Sri Lanka


picked up a really cool board the other day! a mc gregor 1977 singefin gun! a surfboard-beach-hire-guy-that-doesnt-surf found it in a hotel on sri lanka whose owner (an australian dude) passed away a few years ago. i saw i german guy riding the white water with it and just could stand it, the board is really a piece of art with just a few small dings and the original fin and everything. happyhappy


  • och världens godaste papaya det har de på sri lanka. papaya hemma är inte samma frukt, nånting helt annat. mmmh

  • So good to see a beautiful piece of my soul resting in paradise. .blew me away …young and restless hoping that the world would never change. has but my mind is still in that same place not easy…still shaping boards karma is karma some of us love the truth of the universe…

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