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Surf friendly airline company!


We’ve been traveling with many, many airline companies through the years. We’ve been using since our first trip to found out which dates are cheapest and in the beginning we just choosed the flights that were just cheapest.

That changed pretty quickly. We got very tired of rental boards. It was a hazzle finding the right ones, get use to different boards over and over again.  When I found my dream board on Bali I couldn’t bring it home with the airline I had tickets with! After sending it home with super expensive sea cargo I swore to myself to only fly with surf friendly airline companies! Paying those extra money for a airline that takes your board is so worth it when you think about it. As long as they don’t screw up your board.. But that never happened to us, thank God (peppar peppar ta i trä!).

The best one we’ve found so far is Qatar Airways. We’ve booked tickets with them the last trips. They allow surfboards up to 3 meters which means we can bring longboards. You also get 10 kg more baggage allowance. And with their new rules you’re allowed to have 30 kg when you fly economy. That means total 40 kg as a surfer.. That’s what I call surf friendly!

Right now Qatar got a 4 day sale.. For the first time in our life we booked our tickets weeks ago. We’re going to Sri Lanka from December to January. But for all of you who haven’t yet this might be nice. We get many e-mails every week from people who wants to know where to go this winter. They got reduced prices on flights to Sri Lanka, Bali, Australia to name a few..



  • Agree… we are going to Sri Lanka in january, we’ll bring longboards, we’ll fly with Qatar 🙂 Greetings from Switzerland

  • Qatar will tar boards up to 3 meters in length? I’m having a hard time getting info from them. Some say 3 meters for length plus width plus height.

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