Malmö, Sweden

Autumn-morning-walk with Malibu!

This morning we tolk a longer walk than we usually do. The light was really nice, autumn colors deluxe on the falling leaves and the air was super crisp. The town was still quiet, people was about to go to their jobs, but not us, the best thing about studying is all the nice flex time you get!

There’s a park around the corner called “The Jesus park”, Malli loves it cuz she knows she’ll get the chance of meeting other dogs to socialize with!

Around the next corner something real cool happened. She had puppies last year when we where out traveling. One of them lives with Linn’s brothers friend, Tore, in the same block as we do. We haven’t had time to let them meet each other yet, but today we met on the street. Malibu met her kid for the first time in a long time, and started barking at him. Haha!

Another two dogs came and hanged out.

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