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Alva Alba for sale!

Linn wants something which you can also take into the skate park, this one turned out to be a little to big for that. With other words, perfect for you who just want to cruize around on the streets, small wide board with space do do some cross steps and stuff. If you would put on smaller harder wheels and skip the risers you would be able to shred it in the park for sure.

Specs: Alva Alba deck, 169 SILVERSTAGE 10 T, angled risers, Bearings Abec 5, Allen bolts, SickSicks 66mm/78a.

Price new, 2400SEK. Used 5 times max, for sale at 1900SEK. Deck only for sale at 700(900 new), or wheels only for 350(550 new). Yup, there’s boards for like 700SEK today, but not like this one. This is an original oldschool shape that Alva used to  ride, with the widest independent trucks you can get, a real awesome combo.


  • hmpf, you can get a brand new from SoCal skateshop with worldwide shipping for like 200 us dollars….

  • I know it seems hilarious doesnt it? Yes because thats where they are made. Every skateboard is almost double the price in sweden though, even if you order from the states, you gotta add shipping, import tax and vat.

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