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So we’re starting university in less than a month and moving in together even sooner. Petter is gonna study media and communication and I’m gonna study information architecture, both at Malmö University. Malmö is Sweden’s third biggest town and about two hours away from Torekov. We’re happy to take over my brothers apartment in the middle of Malmö in the cosy neighborhood Möllan. The plan is to start study for two semesters, make some short trips in between and then take 6 months off to do the trip of our dreams.. But who knows what’s gonna happen, we’ll see!

Anyways, my brain is set on summer-work, autumn/winter-travel and what would feel most natural is to start look for flight tickets and set destinations, that’s what we have been doing the last three years and there for what feels most natural. In that way moving in an own apartment and start school feels like an ever bigger project/adventure. We’re really exited. I’m packing some boxes and walking in my new sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals! Too rainy to wear them outside.. It looks like it’s gonna be some swedish surf tomorrow and hopefully you will finally see some surf shots on this blog again!

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  • you guys are going to love college. it was by far the golden years of my life. i always found time to travel during my breaks (took a year off to live in china, backpack SE asia) and then i did international internships to have some of my costs covered. it’s awesome. best of luck!

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