Malmö, Sweden

La Bohème @ Malmö Opera

This saturday we went to see the premiere of La Bohème at Malmö Opera. We don’t go to Opera very often so it was a nice experience. Opera has an image of being expensive, hard to understand and something for the upper cultural society. But if you don’t care about that and just go I think most people could learn to enjoy it. It is pricey tough but as a student you get 50% of all tickets on Malmö Opera. It’s overall, to me, a very different way of entertainment compared to the mass culture we’re fed with by hollywood movies, but that’s the beauty. La Bohème is a story written on the 1800s, but is still relevant today. The opera melodies with the sound of the whole symphony orchestra of Malmö was incredible.



We found Cederberg wines in the Opera Bar, love them South Africans.






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