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Petters 1st day

Linn went home to her sisters apartment in Ängelholm and I went home to my family’s house in Torekov. This is my first day back home, fresh air, spring, my own bed, Swedish food, friends and family.. Waaah I’ve been missing home! Absolutely awesome to be back.

Woke up to a welcoming sign that mum and Svea had made for us!

Dad made me Swedish pancakes for breakfast!

Hanged out with my little sister Svea. Shes’s the best!

Pumped some air into the tires of my old bike and went down towards the village.

Spring was definitely in the air!

I steered towards the restaurant. First thing on my todolist, say hi to diana, thewa and antonio! So unreal to be back. For you who are new to our Swedish life. This is our family restuarant, I’m the 4th generation together with my younger brother and sister. This is where things go down during the summer time, when everything goes in 190km/h, staff everywhere, guests everywhere, food, drinks, and loong nights in the bar. So much fun and so great to be back!

Diana and antonio showed me the new installations. Every winter Diana comes up with these brilliant solutions for little things that we have been irritating us on during the past season. Below the new water dispenser from Thoreau.

Hanged out with Thewa in the rebuilt cellar!

He made a plate of awesome Swedish meatballs for mee, have been dreaming about these for moooonths!

Took a walk through the harbour.

And along the coast back home.

Mum was ready with more food. And more Swedish potatoes.. MMMMMH nothing like swedish potatoes.

And good south african wine.

My grandmother the day before turning 84, soo good to see her again!

Last April it’s a Swedish tradition to lit a fire, burn all the old stuff way and sing in the spring. Usually we make a big fire with the whole village but we made our own in the garden.

Marshmallow barbecue time!

Feels amazing to be back. We will keep updating the blog. The weather is great and there is so much fun stuff to do, see you soon!


  • beautiful! i love this introduction to your swedish life. the photos are beautiful and full of family love – made me smile this morning in america! 🙂 thank you for sharing. the restaurant looks insanely cool.

  • again, so cool to see ” back home ” and your loving families !
    ..the dance of life !!

  • Hey Kylie! Thanks for your comments, glad you like it! We thought it might be interesting to give you guys a little glimpse of our Swedish life, we enjoy it so much here. The restaurant is where everything goes down, Linns is going to work with the marketing this summer while I’ll be on the floor so you’ll get some behind the scenes from there for sure. Stay safe /Petter

  • Thanks Canyon! Love to be back! One of my favorite things about traveling is to come home again.

  • I wannna make some reference to your beautiful family restaurant– man you all really put together a beauty ! There’s a feeling of northern Ca. there, with the open ceiling offering closeness to tree limbs and sky & stars….. Very inviting furniture,and I like the way the high backs lend a way to cozy and privacy for each group & fresh flowers … a cool bar and what appears to be a raised performance floor area.. live music,open mikes…. I wanna be there !! That was a delicious looking plate of meat balls , that Thewa made for Petter… and I like the idea of offering a pitcher of aqua at the table,, saves re-asking and alot of foot work by the wait staff (Petter) … I see Petter’s bike leaned up against the fence outside and No Locks !! Is theft nearly unheard of ??? That ride looks like it may of been passed down by a great grandfather Petter ! By chance are you two into bike touring-camping ?? I did 2 months of it one trip.. southern Ireland all along the coast… Kinsale to Dingle… perfect ! So peaceful & some clean breaks ! Super friendly folks.. wanna go back…… and later did 2 months up in England… the Lakes District then up to northern Scotland to Inverness then over to Skye… perfect !
    I can almost feel certain… I will come to bike and surf Sweden & will chow down with you at the cafe ! Chow 4 Now ! Canyon

  • OMG!!!!! That food looks so amazing!!! Swedish pancakes, meatballs and potatoes… oh my!!!! I have to come visit for a culinary tour.

  • Kristy!! So glad to hear from you! We miss you! You are SO welcome anytime to sweden! We will make you loads of food!

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