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Sunna’s graduation!

My sister Sunna graduated this past Friday from high school/upper secondary school! With super good grades and I’m so proud of her! Relatives and friends came from all over to celebrate her and I would say that this is what a common high school graduation looks like; it starts with champagne breakfast before the students go to their last day in school. A few hours later the students runs out from school screaming and family and friends greets them with a sign with an often embarrassing picture (my mother was kind enough to skip the nude/food-all-over-the-face pic) and their name, hangs flowers and if they’re lucky, champagne around their neck before they run away to take a ride on farmer trucks or a classy car screaming, singing and drinking before arriving to a party filled with family and friends! Thank you everybody who came, it was so fun! The night ended in perfection when me, Petter, my brother, my cousin, my sisters boyfriend and my DAD went out for a couple of drinks. My sister Sunna and her fellow graduating friends were at a reserved night club partying till 5 am, like a true Swedish student.


  • Herregud, jag blir helt tårögd av dessa bilder… De utstrålar verkligen ren glädje! Älskar bilden på er syskon. Ni är så fina!

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