Weekly schedule

a visit to the temple

Once a week we pay a visit to our favorite local temple. It’s an activity  on the weekly schedule at our retreat and one of my absolute favorites. We return to this specific temple every week because it’s something magical about the place and also because we absolutely adore the cheif monk Dhammanloka and his colleges.


Usually our yoga teacher bring our guests and Dhamaloka show us around the temple, here’s Arles du Pont having a conversation with monk Dhammanloka. Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_6989No visit is like another. I’ve been here several times and I always learn something new. You can ask whatever comes to your mind and it’s very giving. The vibe is just so tranquil and it slows you down.

The temple is aslo a monk school for young monks to be.



After a slow walk around the temple grounds, a visit in the little school we  offer some flowers and incense and good wishes as well as we usually donate some money that goes to the school, temple and whole village. Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_7024

If we’re lucky we get invited for tea and biscuits! This day we had a special guest. The temple is home to many animals..


Then we listen to the monk chanting and we all get a blessing. So thankful for this friendship and exchange of culture.

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