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Golden Buddha yoga retreat sri lanka


We just came back from Cailins Golden Buddha Yoga 10 day retreat here on Sri Lanka. It was really amazing. 10 days packed with loads of powerful and amazing yoga, meditations, surf, food and so much fun. She’d found the most awesome location to host the retreat at, Stella Villa, situated just in front of one of my favorite waves on this island, Madiha. Se had flown in Brie, a talanted raw food chef that amazed us with delicious vegetarian and raw food meals every day and we got so inspired to tap into some raw food cooking as the ingredients on this island is great for it. Here’s a bunch of random images from the retreat. Thanks a lot every one that made this experience amazing and hug thumbs up to cailin for mind blowing experiences!

arriving to the villa brie had cooked up a huge breakfast that we had before diving in the pool and the waves

linn finally got her pink hearted bing log!! huge thanks to brie and jak who brought it with them from the states

Sri Lanka-Golden-Buddah-Yoga-Retreat-Madiha-Villa-Stella-Cailin-Callahan-IMG_6131

right after breakfast and unpacking linns board we walked down the palm tree garden and jumped in the perfect surf right in front of the villa, talk about surf front

this wave is like a machine, it’s just insane

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_6086

cailins yoga is full power, beeing in the hardest posture she can be like – look to the person in front of you and shout, your are powerful and amazing, or something like, we are all freaks, today we will wave our freak flags high, just shout out whatever you feel like, at any time

during the week we shared so many laughs and fun moments around the big table, always full of food amazingness from brie and the sri lankan chefs at the villa, they were on it

keep eyes and ears open, there will be more stories from this week


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