Big rains in Sri Lanka

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us to ask if we’re ok, we are. Sri Lanka have been affected by heavy rains the last week. The rains has led to heavy floods and landsides in certain areas. We are lucky to not have been affected at all here in Ahangama, except for big rains. But the inland areas here in the south are and they’re in need of big help.

We’re contributing through different local groups that are collecting funds and relief aids and then delivering to affected areas in Galle & Matara region. It’s amazing that everyone on the ground is helping out, such a grass root operation and there’s a real community feel which is amazing.

We are also going to do a bigger contribution to Red Cross Sri Lanka a little later since we heard that one of the biggest problems is that the funds stop coming in as soon as the news/media coverage stops and that’s when help with rebuilding is needed.

If you feel like you want to contribute to helping the people in the affected areas you can donate trough the Red Cross or the Government’s Disaster relief fund. To donate to any of those are good as they have the expertise, and resources to distribute aid at the right time and to the people that are in most need. or

You can read about the current situation here:

We have also got a lot of questions if it’s still okey to travel to Sri Lanka now and if the surf is good and we would say yes! One good thing is that the waves has been better. Normally in the beginning of the summer season a monsoon rain comes and lasts for a few days, and normally it does create floods. It is kind of like the first snow in Sweden, everyone is just as surprised and un prepared when it comes, but still it comes every year. Last summer we where open through the whole summer season and had really fun surf with little to no crowds for most of the time and apart from the big rains in may the weather was great. So don’t hesitate for a visit in the summer season, for a lot of reasons it’s the best time to come.

But again, please consider helping the people in need in any way you can. Even the smallest donation through any of the above links can go a long way and help buy some water or rice and curry packets.

Thank you.



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  • so happy to hear you are all ok.. and i look forward to meeting you all on sunday x

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