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As a kitchen manager or head chef at Sunshinestories, you would use your knowledge and experience of professional cooking to lead a team of staff and efficiently run two kitchens, one at Sunshinestories retreat and one at a new location we’ll be opening shortly. In this job you will need good leadership skills, You will need to work quickly and calmly when under pressure. You will also need to control a budget. You will need to have a big passion for food, love to innovate new dishes and experiment with new flavors. If you are interested in food and you can lead a team in an organized way, this job could be perfect for you.

To get into this job you will need experience in a professional kitchen, running your own section. You will need to have a experience of making food from all sorts of kitchens, vegan and raw as well as meat and fish, you will need to be able to mix western, asian, american and scandinavian cooking styles. You will think it’s exciting to work with local produce and reduce the food waste and use of plastic products as researching and finding foods that are ethically produced. You will think creatively around food and love to do eye catching dishes.


We believe in food that is cooked with natural ingredients such as whole grains, nuts, seeds, good fats, vegetables, fish and fruits. We are not a raw food kitchen, not a vegan kitchen and we don’t follow any strict dietary cooking philosophies, we just cook simple good food with quality produce and good a sense of detail. We don’t have meat on our menu as we have not found any fair producers yet, but the seafood is amazing and so is all the fruits and vegetables available.
We mix various styles of cooking to make interesting meals and cater a wide range of people, we use vegan and raw food methods as well as fish and meats, we mix western, asian, sri lankan, american and scandinavian cooking styles. We source ingredients daily and as locally and as naturally as we can to reduce our footprint on the environment, the use of plastic and the food waste. We buy most of our ingredients from the farmers market or from the fish market on a daily basis by weight and not in plastic containers.


  • A passion for the kind of food that we want to prepare
  • Urge to be innovative and creative in your cooking
  • A good leader and team player
  • Experience of working in a professional kitchen
  • Experience of running your own section in a professional kitchen
  • Good at organizing and delegating work


  • Planning menus
  • Making sure food is of the right quality, price and is produced on time
  • Managing stocks of food
  • Ordering food from suppliers
  • Controlling a budget and keeping accurate records
  • Managing health and hygiene procedures
  • Organising the staff duty rota
  • Recruiting, training and developing staff
  • You would organise and oversee the work of the kitchen staff, decide which tasks need to be done and share these among the team. You would also be hands on and involved in the preparation and cooking of food
  • Lead a team of kitchen staff and teach them so that they can run the kitchen on their own
  • Plan, organize and implement a structure for your kitchen


6 months minimum with start as soon as possible


Please submit your application to and mark the email with “HEAD CHEF”.

We only reply to complete applications providing the following:

  • Can come for the time required
  • Provide time frame of when you are available (start and end date)
  • Includes a CV (with contact details to previous employers as well as a a photo of yourself)
  • A personal letter (who are you and why do you want to work for us)
  • Are fluent in english
  • Send links to your social media pages (instagram/facebook) if you have them

Thank you!

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