Sunshinstories Family

In with the new and out with the old

Packing in new and sending away old clothes to people in need, like my sister.


  • Your sister is beautiful!

    Please, please can you take her on the next adventure!

    But, maybe she would like to meet a nice guy who likes sailing around the world! Then she could make her own dream trip blog.

    Ps – you guys are very cool but why not more sunshine stories of the real people? Too easy to imagine that only cool people can be inspiring to others. I think the best stories will come from the people you’re least expecting. But thanks.

    And.. she is sooo pretty – especially with the black toes! 😉

  • thank you for your sweet comment!! we only posted like 10% of our sunshinestories, promise it will come some of more “real” peoples! And remember, we’re all real peoples, but I think I get what you mean 😉 Thank you for the commets about my sis, it made her smile! 🙂

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