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Ceviche in a plastic cup

This raw fish dish, marinated in citrus fruits and chile has been around us all the way through central america. The places we’ve had it on haven’t been super, since it’s raw it’s so important it’s fresh. So we haven’t had very good excperiences of it even tough we love it soo much, and it’s such a luxurious dish to have back home..

Yesterday we walked by this fish market in Panama city and it must be the ceviche paradise n1 on earth. They pulled the fish straight from the boats, cut them, marinated them and bhaam there you had ceviche in all different variations. They sold them in plastic cups for 1-3 dollars depending on type of fish / seafood, shrimp, clams, shellfish, oysters, lobster, squid and whatever you’d want! There was a big mess of locals, fishermen’s,  tourists and even business people that came to have some fresh ceviche for lunch, in their suits. It was hard to leave and we tried pretty much the whole range of different styles for just a few dollars each.


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