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We’ve become good friends with a local family that lives next door to where we stay. Dhammika (the mum) runs a small home stay where Cailin stay. They’ve really taken Cailin in and it’s like her family now. We feel grateful to be part of it and we ‘ve been at her house for dinner almost every evening. She cooks amazing rice and curry for us. 

The other day I asked her to show me some of her kitchen secrets so I helped her out with the cooking. We made potato curry, dhal, carrot-coconut sambol, omelete and a cabbage curry. So thankful to get to learn how to make rice and curry like this.

We picked fresh curry leaves and herbs from the carden, made cocnout milk by picking and shredding a coconut directly from the palmtree in the garden and so on. I guess that’s why the tastes never will be the same when I make it back home. The spices where similar in almost every curry; fresh green chili, chilipowder, mustard seeds!, garlic, lime, tumeric powder, salt, pepper & curry powder of course. So the different currys pretty much takes the natural tastes of the main ingredient, potato, pumpkin etc.

So yummie!


Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-photo


Amma shreddin coconut for the carrot sambol.






Amma and the kids!

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5082

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5076

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5074

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5091



Awesome chipati from another great meal we had at Dhammikas..

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5053

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5069

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5088

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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