one day in copenhagen

My friend Sofie just moved to Copenhagen to study fashion marketing at the school KEA. She has been living in Spain and Italy the last years we have only been able to catch up in the summers. Now it’s only a couple of train stations between us, even though she lives in a different country! Sweden and Denmark is connected via the Öresunds Bridge. From Malmö in Sweden where I live it only takes 32 minutes to Copenhagen, Denmark. Just a trainride later I was in a country which is so much like my own, but also so very different. For example, look at the door on the last photo, it’s the WC door in Sofies apartment and it says “free” and “occupied”. I love all the details in the old Copenhagen apartments!

Thank you Line and Sofie for showing me around! I will be back for the Christmas market at Tivoli!

ps. We ate at Café Paludan, it’s a very cosy café with good food to very nice prices.


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