Portugal thoughts + Tyler Nelson

So much exiting things are happening right now and it’s hard to keep the mind focused on the student literature, coding with CSS and media queries.. We just wanna plan this trip to Portugal! Many of you have come with great tips and advices regarding Portugal, thank you so much and please keep them coming! Have you been to Portugal? We’re should Petter go to try get tubed, where should I go if I want more mellow waves? Wheres the best food in Lisabon? Any good shopping? And is it really that cold this time of the year?

Here’s a little clip from Tyler “Tiny” Nelson going surfing in Malibu, California. Some bikinisurf would sure be nice!

Taylor Nelson from jimjims on Vimeo.


  • Tuber = Supertubos. Rätt läskigt break dock. Räkna med att det går lite brädor där 😉

    Softare surf, runt Baleal och Bocaxica.

  • Linn, for tubes u really need to visit Supertubos and for your surfing Baleal, this two beaches are in Peniche. Contact me, as you wish to meet me in Lisbon, or in the beach… 😀 Have really good fun!!

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