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evening sesh @ the pool

Surfing right in front of the pool felt pretty good. Luxury for Linn to who could sit and shoot us with her feet in it, or just take a dip whenever she felt for it.


  • I would guess you know how it’s likely the Inn would like using your ‘real time’ creative photos — for publication ads on line & for travelers mag’s… along with your own text , as in… contributing authors
    the California production… Planet Earth, travel guide … need first hand reports from young healthy adventure ( sort of !!) travelers like your selves I suspect PE pays little.. but I don’t know !
    I’m curious… you two have a exercise routine.. ????yoga,running,swimming,biking ( back home) .. You eat pretty much what comes your way… cafe , hotel,roadside… just curious how you make it work . Both of you look healthy, slender,flat tum’s,bright eyed & bushy tailed !
    I’m now in my early 60’s, have always been a wise eater.. runner,surfer and bike,and crazy dance ! Curious how you manage your affairs !

    always savor your reports, thanks so much for shares ! cheers, Canyon

  • This place was absolutely amazing!! And the small fishing village down the road was a nice getaway with loads of authentic local experiences. The wave we surf in front of the hotel was a beachbrake, working ok at high tide. The point didn’t work when we where there, it needs a good south i think, but when it’s on it’s famous for being awesome. You should definitely check it out for your adventures! Just that the point is a right..

  • Hey! I’ve been browsing ur pics and all places you stay look quite upscale? How much you pay per night for these places in El Salvador?

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