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looking back: something you thought you never would see

I didn’t surf anything when we stayed at Mark & Daves with the Bing crew. Except for one epic white-water-foam-board-session.

It wasn’t easy in the shore break with that plastic wobbly board and the current, I knew I had an audience and that didn’t make it easier. Just in time for when I decided it was enough Margaret showed up. She is the general manager of Bing Surfboards: a surfboard manufacturer that is probably the most extreme opposite of INT boards, they make hand shaped beautiful, beautiful boards.  As the true friend she is played with me in the white water and I have never seen so much grace on a foam board as Margaret showed. She teached me a bunch of helpful tricks and then Petter shoot us in our swim suits from Seea. It was a great day, and I hope to see Margaret very soon!


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